Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

Your wedding dress is probably the most precious and valuable dress you will ever own. Our wedding dress dry cleaning service will ensure your dress and memories from your special day can be treasured.

Bride wearing a white wedding dress and whit veil.

Wedding dresses can often suffer from ageing, fading and damage. So it's vital that you have your wedding dress cleaned and stored to protect it and that's exactly what we offer with our wedding dress dry cleaning service. It all starts with cleaning your wedding dress. We have many years experience in handling dresses with various instructions including specialist clean, spot clean and do not dry clean. Once your wedding dress is looking like new again, we can supply you with specialist storage. 

For best results

We strongly advise that you bring us your wedding dress as quickly as possible following your special day. This helps us achieve the best results whilst cleaning. 

Why use our wedding dress dry cleaning service?

Rear view of a bride wearing an open back wedding dress, facing the window.

Untreated stains

Even minor untreated stains can become 'set' into your wedding dress. These can cause permanent marks and become very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. 

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A white wedding dress on a hanger, hung up on the outside of a wardrobe.


Dust, oxidation, mildew, fading and yellowing are all caused by improper storage of your wedding dress. Appropriate storage is vital in keeping your wedding dress safe. 

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You're in safe hands

We understand how important your wedding dress is to you and we'll go above and beyond to have it looking as good as new. With many years experience in all things cleaning, ironing and dry cleaning, you can trust that you are in safe hands with Ironing R Us and our wedding dress dry cleaning service. 

We are also happy to dry clean the grooms suit and can also pick up and deliver to make it even easier for you. 

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A bride and groom with their arms around each other, holding fake mostache's to their lips.