About Us

Hi, I'm Dolly and this is my husband Habz. We both own and run Ironing R Us and this is our story. We hope that from it, you can understand our passion for  what we do and our focus on providing the best service to all of our customers.  

Humble beginnings

in 2015, Habz and I started Ironing R Us in our living room. With nothing but an iron and ironing board, things were far from easy but we were determined to make a success of ourselves. 

In the first few days business was quiet, but our focus on customer service meant we had repeat customers and word of mouth was helping us grow. 

The Journey

Shortly after, we were able to purchase our first shop in 2017. This allowed us to take on more work and find great people who share our passion to work with us. 

Further expansion took place in 2018 when we acquired The Duvet Service. 


The business wasn't the only thing expanding, as our three wonderful children were born. Ruby, George and Annabel have definitely made us realise how important it is to have a partner and team you can rely on. 

The Future

In early 2020, we will be expanding further with a third premise. This will allow us to fulfil the demand for our commercial services. 

Ironing R Us want to continue growing, focusing with a strong focus on making a difference to our local community. We will strive to improve everyday to continue providing you with a service you can be proud of.