Dry Cleaners

Experienced, professional and safe. Keeping your delicates looking as good as new. 


Close up of a smart looking suit that has been dry cleaned.

Some materials react badly to water, this could cause them to shrink or fade. It's important that such materials are dry cleaned only, so please check the manufacturers instructions on the label. We are experienced dry cleaners and can safely clean your garments. 

Dry clean only

If you see that the label says dry clean only, please follow the instructions otherwise you could be risking damage to your clothing. 

Dry cleaners you can trust

Man standing in front of a mirror in a tuxedo suit, fixing his bow tie.

The main difference between laundering and dry cleaning is water. Laundering uses water whilst dry cleaning does not. 

The main benefits of dry cleaning are: 

  • Better at removing stains and oils

  • Increases longevity of your clothes

  • Damage to clothing is greatly reduced

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